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My Most Requested Topics

  • Using stories in the classroom to teach, to reach, and to inspire students in all curriculum areas and at all grade levels.

  • Creating successful students and connecting with them by teaching to the heart.

  • Finding and following one’s dreams, setting goals, manifesting personal growth, success and happiness.

  • Enhancing creativity in life—creative writing, fostering a creative mindset.

  • Parenting issues, birth-to-death topics, decisions for healthy living, clear and assertive communication, healthy grieving,
    honest relationships, sex education, setting boundaries, self esteem.

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    Anna Unkovich has been a guest speaker in my classroom several times.  I also had the opportunity to hear Anna deliver a keynote address at the Summer Institute sponsored by the Marquette/Alger Regional Educational Agency. Anna is an excellent presenter because she is warm, friendly, articulate, and has the gift of making her topics relevant in the lives of her audiences. I highly recommend Anna to any school or other organization for inspiration and professional development. 
    David A. Opalewski, Instructor, Teacher Educ. and Professional Dev., Central Michigan University

    Anna Unkovich is a fantactic speaker and had my students wanting more - image testimonial.
    Anna is one of the most passionate, caring people anyone could meet. Whether as an enthusiastic teacher, dynamic speaker, gifted writer, or compassionate friend, her love for life and for giving to others truly comes from her heart. After hearing Anna speak or when reading her books, you are sure to be renewed and inspired in the classroom or in your own life!
    Lynn Baker, Midland Public Schools, Board of Education Trustee

    Anna came and spoke to the students at our school and she was simply amazing. - image testimonial

    Anna is an inspiration to our future educators. Her energy and passion
    for teaching from the heart shows during her presentations. She captures an
    audience and builds excitement about teaching and the importance of
    understanding why one would want to teach. Anna is truly a one-of-a-kind
    and we need more educators like her.
    Jennifer Cotter Director of Development, The College of Education and
    Human Services, Central Michigan University

    I am so fortunate at have had Ms. Unkovich as a teacher while I was in high school, testimonial image

    Anna's insightful short stories gave us an opportunity to laugh, to weep, and to reaffirm our commitment to our future students. Using a soft voice she presented us with a powerful message about the importance of genuinely caring about our students.
    Ferris State University students left Anna's presence with an enlightened impression about the
    importance of truly listening, learning about, and leading our students. Anna inspired us to
    dream big, not to be ashamed to ask questions, and to become "that special teacher"
    to all of our students. Hurry back Anna!
    Nancy Lashaway-Bokina, Ph.D., Professor, Ferris State University, Big Rapids, MI

    Anna Unkovich reading her book - Caring to Teach, Teaching to Care - image

    I thoroughly enjoyed hearing Anna speak about her experiences in education. Testimonial image.

    Anna’s insight into teaching students beyond the curriculum will help all of us to develop lesson plans and classrooms that will engage our students and show them that as teachers, we are more than just a source of knowledge.  The concepts she shared with us will bring the students perspectives of teachers to a softer and more approachable demeanor—to not just be a teacher of curriculum. Our jobs as teachers are dynamic —that of teaching the curriculum and that of being a mentor to students by showing them how to survive in the real world.  The stories Anna shares are not specific to any curriculum, but will influence students greatly and help them to think outside the box. They further help students to realize and think critically about the many aspects of the real world including issues of bullying, socioeconomic concerns, and topics of everyday life.  As Anna emphasized, students may only remember some of what you teach, but they will always remember the kind of teacher and mentor you were for them for the rest of their lives, spreading the teachings and kindness of a great teacher even farther than can be imagined.
    Eric Marshall, President, Association of Future Educators and Kappa Delta Pi, Ferris State University